Hillary and Michelle - The Real Power Couple / by marilyn salenger

                                                                                                                                                                                                             North Carolina                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                             North Carolina                                                                                        

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama's first joint campaign rally made history while creating a scenario unlike anything seen before. No great fanfare preceded it, but the significance created by these two first ladies will be important for generations to come. The former First Lady is the first woman to be a major party presidential nominee. The current First Lady is the first African American woman to hold that position. Their appearance together wasn't simply about star power. It was women power, front and center. 

Both Hillary and Michelle know this is an unprecedented election in which women will play a pivotal role. Addressing a reported 10,000 people gathered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Hillary and Michelle made their case by building bridges of commonality between themselves and their audience. Side by side they spoke passionately about issues of concern to women as students, women who work outside the home, and women who work at home. Mothers. Daughters. Grandmothers. 

And it began with warm hugs. An opponent was addressed. Without name.

"When you've raised children in the White House you're reminded of the impact you have" said Michelle Obama, "because you think of the millions of children watching us." 

Candidate Clinton added, "Dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election, and I want to thank our First Lady for her eloquent, powerful defense of that basic value."

Michelle Obama softly said to her partner, "Thank you for that."

The simple and complex power of these two women is as remarkable as the times that set the stage. They showed gratitude and respect for each other, and to those who came to hear and see them. This is what women role models at the highest level can look like.

"When they go low, we go high." Best campaign slogan yet. Despite her protestations to the contrary, maybe the time has come for its author to put politics in her future, not just in her past. 

"First Ladies. We rock" 

Author once again duly noted.