Our System Is Rising Up To Challenge Trump / by marilyn salenger

Amidst the chaos Trump's presidency continues to create, one thing appears to be coming out the winner - the checks and balances set up by our democracy. As much as Donald Trump is trying to rule by dictate, the push back has begun.

The Republican party successfully deepened its own party divisions by bungling their promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. What became their battle cry has been defeated. The Freedom Caucus, the same hard line conservative group that pushed John Boehner out of the picture. once again made their voices loudly heard going up against both Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and President Trump. They remained unsatisfied with the proposed healthcare bill wanting more drastic cuts including an end to what is called "essential health benefits". Trump threw down the gauntlet and Republicans threw it back. Obamacare remains the healthcare law of the land. Our President has learned that using "Repeal and Replace" as a campaign slogan is a lot easier that turning it into reality.

We are seeing glimpses of a two party system at work again despite Republican control of the House and Senate. While fractious debate does not always lead to victory nor is it always the right course, Democrats appear determined to challenge the Trump nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy.

President Trump's ban restricting travel from Muslim countries has twice been struck down by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland. Despite a federal judge in Virginia recently backing the travel ban, the previous injunctions are said to remain unaltered. Trump found his use of executive orders was not above the check and balance of our judicial branch of government.

Russia and Trump continue to be made up front and personal despite Republican attempts to counter it. FBI Director James Comey has confirmed the FBI is investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. The House and the Senate Intelligence Committees are conducting their own investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 election let alone potential collusion. With the House Committee becoming increasingly politicized on the issue, the push for an independant investigation has become even stronger.

President Donald Trump is watching his poll numbers drop to their lowest point, hitting a 37% approval rating. The same poll showed that 60% of Americans believe the President is dishonest. For a man who has a devoted love of poll numbers and ratings, a wake up call should replace his early morning Tweets.