An Anniversary Retrospective / by marilyn salenger

                                                                                                                                         Boston City Hall Plaza, 1971

                                                                                                                                         Boston City Hall Plaza, 1971

One year ago, Political & Otherwise published its first post. I am and always have been a political junkie coming off many years of covering so much of it as a news correspondent, or being in the midst of it working on two presidential campaigns. This was all done, of course, when few women were allowed to cover the hallowed halls of male dominated pollitics. I just always loved it, and respectfully pushed my way in to City Halls, State Houses, Capital Hill and the White House, honing my craft as a trained observer. Yes, I do have sypatico with other women who are 'firsts'. It ain't easy. Fast forward to 2015, I knew that lightening was beginning to strike our political process and it was once again time to share added perspective with all of you by publishing this blog. Your support has been overwhelming.

As Political & Otherwise readers, one of my goals is to enable you to gain insight into stories before they appear in major news publications, as was the case with the first post, The 2016 Presidential Campaign and Our Kids. The campaign rhetoric in October, 2015 was already begininng to get out of control, and I could only imagine it's impact on young ears and eyes. The theme had yet to be studied or made into a Clinton campaign commercial - both of which have happened.  And from there we went to the two women then running for President, Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump's misogny reared it ugly head early in the campaign which, among other things, was providing us with a headache. As our first month of publication was ending, it was noted that Jeb Bush was significantly pushing himself out of the race.

The 2016 camapign will not soon be forgotten. Too much negativity will leave a mark on our political process, and too many may think more than twice about running for political office. There was a time when it was considered a higher calling. True public service. The idealist in me would like to believe that those young children I wrote about a year ago will grow up and realize that this turning point in our historic process of electing a President is a goal and an ideal to still be pursured.

No matter which candidate ends up in the White House, a historic Hillary first or a Trump that realized he can indeed be Trumped, there will continue to be much to share and talk about as we inagurate a new President. Stay tuned ... and thank you for being a part of this year!