Wake Up America ! / by marilyn salenger

Donald Trump has once again created a new reality show, and it's called "Himself". It's all about himself.  He can say whatever he wants. Do whatever he wants. And his rules call for no penalties, because he doesn't believe he should accept any. It's brought to us by Trump Productions. And it is a very well thought out production.

Trump's show is creating serious problems that are too often aimed at bringing out the worst in people. That's what happens when a production is based upon negativity. With near total abandon, Mr.Trump throws his racial, religious, gender and personal slurs around in a stream of consciousness that doesn't quit. The fact that it's riling up hatred and prejudice that have serious consequences seems to be almost beside the point. He does it with a strong attempt at righteous arrogance, and no apparent concern for those consequences. With Donald Trump it's all about winning - no matter the cost.

In France, Trump could potentially be prosecuted for hate speech. Germany is trying to clamp down on incendiary speech in their country, and the UK talks about banning Trump for allegedly violating their hate speech laws. Three of our closest Allies understand consequences.

Is this really what we want to see in the next leader of the Free World? 

And yet we continue to watch this man find new ways to play dangerous games with people's thinking, whipping them up as he goes along. It's one thing to disagree, but another to stir up hate. His reality show needs a serious course correction that would require Mr. Trump's mind to see that there is benefit in drawing crowds based on positive speech. And have the public respond in kind.