2016 Political Headache / by marilyn salenger

I have a political headache. I'm sure it's not the flu, but I know something is going around that seems to be causing a lot of people to have the same kind of symptom. This political season has become deafening. It's almost impossible to hear any sanity come through amidst the extraordinary cacophony of noise. Republicans please take note.

The Freedom Caucus and their demanding and extremist rants as Paul Ryan moves toward election as the new Speaker of the House. Then we can move on to the two top Republican candidates, Ben Carson and Donald Trump who are winding their way around the country trying to skew inflammatory remarks as substance. What real political dialogue is being created by these two men that can benefit the American public?

Respect for the opposition has gone by the boards. Minutes after Vice President Biden announced that he wasn't going to run for President, Donald Trump could only repeatedly refer to him as "Biden" while addressing a crowd. Never once did Trump use his first name or title, which happens to be Vice President of the United States. While Biden closed a chapter with style and a comment about the importance of working together, Trump went on to say he couldn't wait to go against Hillary. The tone in which his words were spoken was like that of a hungry lion looking for fresh meat. 

And the Benghazi hearings. Whether you like Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton or not, watching and listening to the hearings reminded me of one of the darkest moments in political history - the McCarthy hearings. Yesterday's hearing was a witch hunt that showed the worst of the Republican party, certainly not the best. 

We deserve so much more in a presidential race. Which of the candidates running for President of the United States is leading the way to bring out the best in all of us and our country? 

As one young voter recently said to me, "Is this the best we can do?"