It's Sarah and Donald Time / by marilyn salenger

Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News / Getty Images
Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News / Getty Images

It was a mock convention nominating speech delivered as if it were a rip roaring right wing conservative talk show. She has the formula down pat. Sarah Palin's rousing public endorsement of Donald Trump at an Iowa rally puts together quite a team as Trump continues his path to a Republican presidential nomination. Two people who love the 'hugeness' of the limelight without the factual specifics that have previously mattered in politics were now standing side by side. The 2008 candidate for Vice President seemed almost euphoric as she once again got to share being front and center on a big political public stage. Trump stood next to her looking pleased, but slightly uncomfortable.  He never once looked at Palin as she spoke, instead listening and assessing the crowd's response. 

Sarah Palin has chosen to turn her back on the man who first put her in the spotlight as his Vice Presidential running mate, Senator John McCain. While he remained loyal to her, she has cast loyalty to the wind endorsing the man who has attacked McCain and denied that the former prisoner of war was a war hero. 

This all says as much about Sarah Palin as it does about Donald Trump. For Trump it's all about winning. Perhaps much more so than any good he could do as President. While winning an election is what it's all about for any politician, with Trump it's more than part of the end game. It's the beginning, the middle and the end. He is the consummate construction tycoon who will do almost anything to make a deal and feed an insatiable ego. There's a continual bit of falseness that hangs over a substantial part of his candidacy leaving one to wonder if he really believes what he's saying or is just saying it to appeal to whomever his target audience is.  In some ways he reminds me of J.R. Ewing, that famous and devious oil tycoon of television fame. Going after Sarah Palin's endorsement fits into that entire scenario.

Sarah Palin swings Donald Trump all the way to the right. It's a marriage made in that anti-establishment part of the Republican party that is salivates over the outrageousness of Donald Trump. In her endorsement speech she spun Trump almost better than he can spin himself. Facts be damned. 

Trump according to Sarah: "He's from the private sector not a politician. Hallelujah"  She must have forgotten that she's a politician herself. "He's a billionaire who is not elitist." Is there anyone who knows Trump who would call him a man of the people? " He's a self made man." she told the audience, leaving out the fact that he began his career with a HUGE amount of help from his wealthy father."He's a strict constitutionalist." Now there's one to get us thinking.

Trump's son Eric later called Sarah Palin "refreshing" and a " fighter like my dad". But he too appeared a bit uncomfortable in the Palin aura.  He said she had gotten to know his family when she visited with them all. While none of us were part of that visit, one can just imagine a down home dinner table setting in the Trump Tower as they discussed her new position in a potential Trump White House.