Bernie Meet Hillary / by marilyn salenger

Bernie lost big and Hillary won big. That's the easy story of the New York primary. The future for both candidates is a story in motion.  It's time for Senator Sanders to meet Secretary Clinton anew. 

Constituencies and demographics matter in election victories, and the New York primary has the potential to show the real benefit of Bernie Sanders joining forces with Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election. Exit polls show Sanders continued strength with Millennials, but Hillary won those over 30. Not just those over 65. She overwhelmingly had the support of women and minorities and all voters no matter the income level. But his strong focus on income inequality won voters for whom that is a key issue. An important line comes to play when the question of who could win in the end was asked. 84% of voters believed that Hillary Clinton can win in November.

We've watched Senator Sanders increase the velocity of tone and attacks on Secretary Clinton as he's continued to focus on his key issues of income inequality, Wall Street, free college education and universal healthcare. But the specifics remain foggy and her's do not. Some kind of meeting of the minds presents an interesting order. Not an easy one, but an increasingly important one. Especially since attack mode doesn't seem to have helped him in New York.

Bernie's rousing calls for a revolution meet the more pragmatic Hillary Clinton. He's gotten her to move more to the left that when she started her campaign. His crowds are filled with young people looking to get involved in the political system, and that's one of the most positive things we have come to see in this entire political season. Showing them now the benefit of victory in the end as a way to achieve their goals could position Bernie Sanders in a slightly different role model mode - that of being the kind of leader that understands the bottom line importance of crossing those politically different aisles. Divide and conquer is no longer working for him.

Perhaps an impromptu conversation I had on a park bench yesterday, my personal exit poll, is a predictor of things that could come. The 29 year old young man sitting next to me with his dog told me he was from New York. I asked if he had voted, and he said, "I sent in an absentee ballot and voted for Sanders, but after I sent it I began to realize I should have voted for Hillary. He's still not coming up with answers."

Hillary Clinton set the tone for her campaign going forward reaching out to Bernie Sanders supporters in her acceptance speech. "There's much more that unites us than divides us." 

Get back to respecting each other, not fighting each other and focus on November.