Doug Jones Fit For Office / by marilyn salenger


Women's voices were finally heard as they helped elect Democrat Doug Jones the new Senator from Alabama in an upset victory defeating Republican Roy Moore. Through the deafening bluster of lies and denials emanating from Steve Bannon, Roy Moore and Donald Trump, one alleged sexual predator was defeated in his attempt to win a seat in the Senate. One more sits in the White House. The state of Alabama has shown Donald Trump an opening to the exit door.

Doug Jones threw our country a life raft at a critical point in time. We have finally begun to ask out loud - how low will we allow ourselves to sink? A known, though I will use the word alleged, child molester was being touted by President Trump and the Republican National Committee as the right man to elect for the Alabama Senate seat. Think about that for a long hard moment as we move ahead. 

We owe a brave woman named Leigh Corfman a debt of gratitude. She was the first woman to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against candidate Roy Moore. Corfman was 14 years old when she says Moore "seduced her" initiating a sexual encounter. Moore was 32 years old and an assistant district attorney. That's called child molestation, and the term officially became linked in a Senate election. 

Roy Moore has refuted the accusations made by Corfman and eight other brave women who came out with their own stories of sexual misconduct by Moore. Wendy Miller. Debbie Wesson Gibson. Gloria Thacker. Beverly Young Nelson. Tina Johnson. Gena Richardson. Becky Gray. Together with Leigh Corfman, these women became a plague on Roy Moore's house and another window into the depth of sexual harassment and abuse women have endured.

All of Roy Moore's accusers were called liars. Many people in Alabama didn't believe them. Nor did some people around the country. But a majority of Alabama voters decided they had had enough, and pulled off an extraordinary victory defeating Republican Moore in a solidly red state in the deep south. Donald Trump won Alabama in the 2016 presidential election. 

During the campaign, Doug Jones repeatedly referred to the list of Roy Moore's accusers as proof that Moore was unfit for office. Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee didn't see it that way. They chose to ignore women's voices as they did in the 2016 presidential election. What a difference a year can make.

Donald Trump has his own list of 19 women who accused him of sexual misconduct before he was elected President. Trump himself spoke of his predatory behavior toward women in the now infamous Access Hollywood tape. The man was unfit for office in 2016. He remains so today. What has changed is the impact, at last, of women's voices speaking out against abuse.