The Voices and Faces of Aleppo Will Haunt Us / by marilyn salenger

A young girl whose life of normalcy was destroyed by world events over which she had no control sat in hiding fearing for her life. There was no Twitter of Facebook to hear her cries. She wrote words in a diary recounting her frightening experiences and struggles to remain hopeful on the edge of terror. Her name was Anne Frank and she lived in Amsterdam, Holland in the 1940"s.  She and her family remained hidden behind a bookcase wall for two years trying to avoid caputure by the Nazi's. Anne and the rest of her family were eventually found and thrown in a concentration camp where all but her father died.  Their crime was their faith. They were Jewish.

The world waited too long to save the millions who perished in those camps over seventy years ago. The world has repeatedly waited and watched too long as genocide and the mass slaughtering of people has taken place. Rwanda. Bosnia. Darfur.

And now Syria.

The world once again, including the United States and our allies, appear to be paralzyed as the horror continues. The reluctance to forcefully confront Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers overwhelms. As President Barak Obama leaves office, the red line he drew for this Syrian war and its use of chemical weapons has been crossed and blown to the wind. Obama threatened force, but chose otherwise. Fear of getting imersed in another war has left the cries for help unanswered, and the millions who have fled afraid for their future.

Aleppo, once Syria's largest city, is now a place of ruins. Children, so many of whom have been orphaned, are trapped in what was once their home along with remnants of scattered families. It is unimaginable not to think back to the Holocast and its victims.

Syrian refugees have been left no option but to seek refuge in foreign lands. Yet their numbers overwhelm the countries whose shores initially welcomed them, and their futures remain problematic as global politics become increasingly involved.

The role of the United States remains questionable as President Elect Donald Trump assumes office having pledged to ban those of the Muslim faith. His attraction to Russia makes the future of Syria even more ominous, and the lives of millions of refugees more uncertain.   

The cries for help continue. The slaughter of human beings should not be tolerated. It goes against the very basis of humanity and the need to survive.