Jeb Bush / by marilyn salenger

Jeb Bush is in rebellion against his own candidacy to win the Republican nomination for President of the United State. He has been almost from the beginning.  It's been a quiet rebellion that has been building while his public image has been sustained by an infusion of donor money, and most importantly the Bush family.  Politics may be in his blood but it's been hidden, and he's losing.

The 2016 Republican race has to this point been mainly about impressions. It takes people nano seconds to form an impression about someone, and that impression remains in their minds unless something happens to make that change.  It is becoming apparent that Jeb is not going to change. 

It begins at the beginning.  As someone who has advised politicians and business people, I know if they want to succeed they listen to those who advise and work hard to pick up on the pulse of the electorate. Voters want to feel excited about the candidate they support, confident they are up to the job. The good old Reagan likability factor. Whether it's how Jeb Bush dresses, boxy suits and rimless glasses and all, he does not look 'today'. He doesn't sound today, and his interest in the job he supposedly wants seems forced. It's gotten very hard for him to score likability points. No matter how many people have been rooting for Jeb Bush to succeed, he now appears to lack one of the most critical success factors of all - the passionate desire to win.  

The Bush family is sacrosanct to millions of people. They are a political dynasty that has produced two Presidents with a strong family matriarch behind the scenes. Perhaps they have pushed the youngest son too hard to enter the family business.  There's a certain part of him that seems to say, "I'd take the job if it was handed to me on my terms." But Jeb Bush should know better than most that the Presidency is one job that can't be handed to anyone.  You have to work really hard to earn it.